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CMT manufactures industrial quality router bit sets for a wide variety of the fine woodworker and cabinet makers needs. CMT router bit sets are ideal to purchase when you have a specific function in mind such as creating raised panel doors, crown moulding and glass panel doors and they are ideal when the woodworker knows that they will utilize a multitude of a certain style of bit (plywood bits, solid carbide spiral bits or dovetail bits for example). Varied profile style router bit sets are an ideal purchase for beginning woodworkers. Many of the router bit sets come equipped with a beautiful wooden case. Router bit sets offer a substantial savings over buying individual router bits.

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Adjustable CMT shaker router bit sets


These new bit sets are excellent for producing adjustable tongue and groove joints with a bevel, in order to eliminate the panel rattle that may come...

From € 125,84 (€ 154,78 VAT inc.)

CMT Adjustable tongue & groove bit sets for mission style cabinet doors


FEATURES: Adjustable at 0.050mm (0.002") increments. For groove width from 5mm (13/64°) to 13,5mm...

From € 110,47 (€ 135,88 VAT inc.)

5 CMT piece spiral bit sets


CMT is proud to offer you these new sets of high quality solid tungsten carbide upcut and downcut spiral bits in the most popular diametres. The new...

From € 168,74 (€ 207,55 VAT inc.)

3 CMT piece plywood groove bit sets


Our plywood groove bits are designed specifically for routing grooves and dadoes for joints in plywood. That means they match the true thickness of...

From € 44,26 (€ 54,44 VAT inc.)

3 CMT piece flush trim bit set


Indispensable in any shop, the new 3 piece flush trim bit set gives you the option to trim laminates or do template work conveniently.

From € 50,84 (€ 62,53 VAT inc.)

3 CMT piece round nose bit sets


Each of these sets include 3 of the most widely used CMT Round Nose bits. These solid carbide or carbide tipped bits are perfect for sign making,...

From € 47,19 (€ 58,04 VAT inc.)

5 CMT piece chamfer router bit set


Build beautiful planters, boxes and other multi-sided pieces with this handy set. Why cut imperfect angles on your table saw when it's so much easier...

From € 123,77 (€ 152,23 VAT inc.)

3 CMT piece cove router bit sets


Each of these sets includes carbide cove bits in three of the most commonly-used sizes. You will get 6,35mm (1/4°), 9,5mm (3/8°) and...

From € 67,42 (€ 82,93 VAT inc.)

3 CMT piece roundover router bit sets


CMT?s roundover sets give you the maximum flexibility for all of your projects by putting the most requested diameters in one package. Available in...

From € 73,29 (€ 90,14 VAT inc.)

5 CMT piece router bit set with insert knives


This set is the perfect companion for the professional craftsman. We offer the 5 most popular bits with knives and all necessary spare knives and Torx...

From € 245,25 (€ 301,65 VAT inc.)

Slot cutter sets


Create slots, grooves and rabbets easily with these CMT slot cutters sets. Ideal for biscuit joints and milling perfect tongue-and-groove joints, these...

From € 158,37 (€ 194,80 VAT inc.)

The CMT grand rabbet Sets


The ultimate rabbeting sets & the ultimate tool value. These sets include our 835.990.11 bit with 22mm (7/8°) cutting height, plus bearings...

From € 106,11 (€ 130,51 VAT inc.)

The CMT Tongue & Groove Set


Make tongue and groove joints without the complicated process of taking apart and reassembling bits. The new CMT tongue and groove set gives you one...

From € 61,42 (€ 75,54 VAT inc.)

CMT Rabbeting router bit sets


These rabbeting sets allow you to make an endless number of cuts by adjusting the cutting height on your router and changing the bearing on the bit....

From € 48,26 (€ 59,36 VAT inc.)

Straight CMT router bits with insert knives


Ideal for fast plunge cuts and other grooving applications. Use these single edge bits in CNC or portable routers for work in laminated stock,...

From € 44,69 (€ 54,97 VAT inc.)

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